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Why I'm Running for Memphis-Shelby County Schools Board, District 8

I’ve done better than my parents and they did better than theirs. Like many district 8 and MSCS families, that’s what we want for our kids, too. I’m running to give a better education and life to my daughter. I credit my success to education. I was born in middle America to parents who were the hardest working people you could ever meet but earned a combined high school diploma. My grandfather never learned to read. I know the opportunities I've had came from resilience, hard work, and an enthusiasm for learning. As a first-generation college graduate who also earned a master's degree, I'm a lifelong advocate for high-quality education.


I've been a classroom teacher in Memphis-Shelby County Schools, served in the Shelby County Mayor’s Office of Education, and was a senior director with the Tennessee Department of Education. I've worked in education at every level in Tennessee: operations, fundraising, budget, and policy. Most importantly, I am a mom to a rising first-grader in an MSCS school. I want all children to have an excellent education that leads to a life where students can attend college or begin a career and thrive.


Key Issues

Pandemic recovery: After more than two years of disrupted education from the COVID-19 pandemic, I will work to ensure the district is optimizing the investment of your tax dollars with a special focus on federal recovery dollars.


Physical safety and mental health services: I'll work to increase access to and the use of evidence-based programs and services to support the mental and physical health of students, teachers, and staff. ​


Stronger success rates: Ensure our schools are equipped with the resources to provide intervention, enrichment, and consistent services to increase our student success rates.


World-class facilities: Facilities matter from high-quality ventilation, safe pipes, and technology-enabled classrooms, to well-maintained playgrounds. We must create a comprehensive facilities plan that matches the district and community's needs.


Election Day

How to Support Amber

Introduce Amber to your District 8 friends, family, church, or business. You can email Amber at with any questions or for her availability.

Election Day
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