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In health, Amber leads in patient-centered obesity care. In July 2023, she was elected to the World Obesity Federation's Board of Trustees representing the lived experience. She's an emeritus member of the National Board of Directors for the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) after serving nine years on the national board, including two years as its Chairwoman. With more than 80,000 members, the OAC provides education, advocacy, and support for individuals affected by obesity.


She frequently lobbies in Washington D.C. for access to care and travels the world collaborating with other patient organizations to combat weight bias and improve access to care. She is a founding director of the Global Obesity Patient Alliance (GOPA) where she represents the United States and is a 2018 recipient of Medtronic’s Bakken Invitation. The Bakken award is given to individuals who’ve used their “extra life” to advocate. Most recently, she was selected to represent the United States as a diarist for the NCD Alliance project on accessible health care.

To connect with individuals, Amber engages with followers via her Instagram @obesitycareadvocate. There, she answers questions, shares her experiences with a lifelong battle with obesity. For her personal account, please follow @amberhuettgarcia.

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