Prioritize investments in K-12 education

  • Increase the per student investment through strategic local and state initiatives, including funding equity for all Memphis students. As a former state budget analyst for K-12 education, I analyzed over 12 billion dollars in funds to meet the needs of a state 2x the size of Tennessee.

  • Re-imagine policies and programs that lead to effective schools and teachers. Find the answer to the question: what will it take to be the premier education state in the country? 

 Increase access to affordable healthcare

  • I believe quality, affordable healthcare is a human right. If you get sick, have an accident, or need ongoing medical treatment you should not go bankrupt.

  • Increase investment in treating and preventing chronic diseases statewide, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and more. As a patient advocate for nearly a decade, I know how to think creatively about initiatives to reduce and prevent chronic disease that increase quality of life and decrease dollars spent.

 Reduce poverty in Memphis and statewide

  • Set and gradually increase a state minimum wage to a livable one as part of a statewide economic plan to reduce poverty rates for individuals and families. This includes: reducing the financial burden of child care, elder care, and student loans, which are keeping people from getting or staying ahead.
  • Support wrap-around social services that help families get and stay ahead.